Entice your handmade décor experience and match your cost at iMartNepal, your virtual portal to buy handmade antique figurines, vintage decors, traditional craft and many more. Dedicated to promote and deliver collection of antique handmade craft throughout the globe online. You can find artistic Nepali antique product including vintage figurines and furnishing made if gold, silver, copper, bronze, natural fiber and so on. Rich in collection of Buddhist and Hindu religious statue, hand carved traditional window frame and ceramic products. We hope to demonstrate and preserve tradition, art and promote culturally rich product. Added craft made up of lokta paper, handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, bags, accessories and environment friendly decors. We have been helping Nepalese artist and sculptors to demonstrate their art throughout the globe. Stay connected with iMartNepal and shop antique items and décor online.


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Art of Mithila: A Living Tradition

The dazzling Mithila artwork produced by Maithili women of Nepal can be traced back as far as the 7th century and h...

2 months ago
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Bansuri: The Best Nepali Musical Instrument

The word bansuri originates in the Sanskrit: “bans” which simply mean bamboo and “Sur” which means musical note...

4 months ago
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Buddhist Prayer Wheels: Meaning & Uses

A Buddhist prayer wheel is generally a hollow cylindrical wheel made from metal, wood, or stone, often beautifully embo...

4 months ago
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Handicrafts in Nepal | Nepalese Handicrafts

Strolling around the temples and the ancient palaces of Kathmandu valley, during dusk is one of my favourite habits. It'...

1 year ago

Women empowerment; a challenge in Nepal

Photo Credit: Ravi Sharma A country with geographical and cultural diversity followed by unique unity in diversity r...

5 years ago

Status of Women in Nepal

A single statement applicable to all the women in Nepal cannot be made as different groups of women enjoy different ...

2 years ago

Women Empowerment in Nepal

Women empowerment educates and empower the women who are homeless, with the skill and confidents necessary to secure a ...

3 years ago

Different types of buddha statue – best list sorted by used material

Different Types Of Buddha Statue Buddha “An Awakened one” also admired as profounder of Buddhism, is a legendary rel...

5 years ago

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