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Beautifully Timeless, Iconic and Much-Loved Sarangi Players of Nepal

Sarangi, a traditional Nepali musical instrument is the best friend of Ghandarvas - a community of Kaski district.&...

2 days ago

Theki and Madani – the traditional butter making process in Nepal

With thousand-year-old cultures and diverse ancient regimes, Nepali lifestyles have always been fascinating. Time is ch...

1 week ago

Festivals Celebrated In Nepal

Festivals celebrated in Nepal Being a multicultural country, there are so many festivals in Nepal. Albeit native, I find...

11 months ago

Women empowerment; a challenge in Nepal

Women Empowerment, a Challenge in Nepal   A country with geographical and cultural diversity followed by unique un...

4 years ago

Handicrafts in Nepal | Nepalese Handicrafts

Strolling around the temples and the ancient palaces of Kathmandu valley, during dusk is one of my favourite habits. It'...

1 year ago

Status of Women in Nepal

A single statement applicable to all the women in Nepal cannot be made as different groups of women enjoy different ...

2 years ago

Nepali Art : Sources of Art

Art The art and culture of Nepal has been strongly influenced by the religious beliefs of the country. The artwork is d...

2 years ago

History & Current Status of Nepalese Handicraft

Nepali handicraft “The history and current status” The word ‘handicraft’ generally refers to the art of making c...

4 years ago

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