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Madal is small drum made of hollowed tree trunk with skins stretched at both ends. It contains black layer known as khari in Nepal. It is played with both hands and is very popular in the hills of Nepal. The Madal consists of a cylindrical body with a slight bulge at its center and heads at both ends, one head larger than the other. Madal is a popular folk musical instrument of Nepal. It symbolises Nepali music and history of Nepali arts. Specially it is famous in folk songs, events like wedding and welcome party and recordings of other musics.

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Madal, one of the most popular double headed hand drum played in Nepalese society and has there been from early of 20th century. There were also evidence found of its earliest used before 20th century.

The word Madal has been formed from Sanskrit word “Mardala”. Madal being a national musical instrument of country is the essential element of Nepali folk music industry. Making it as a lead instrument many songs has been prepared by different Nepalese folk song singer.

It has vital role in forming the bonding of love between family crew and friends and society. It has taken the hearts of people from hilly area of Nepal and its associate region.

When is Madal played?

Madal is played generally in the festival Dashain, Tihar and other festivals among the different tribes of assam, magar community. Different tribes play Madal on different occasion. Hiking, camping, get together among friends and family are some areas where we can listen and enjoy the music.

Kids, youth, and olds love dancing on the beat of this instrument. It is really creative drum which makes nice sound and is very fun to listen to. Accompanied with cool tones and really fun to use it. Easy to carry. You can jam up with any musical play. This is cool percussion instrument and would really enjoy it playing it now. Not only madal, people also enjoy the music of sarangi and meditating the healing soung of singing bowls.

What is Madal Body made of?

Earlier, its body was made with the burnt clay but now a days it is made of up wood also. Body of madal is exact as cylinder shape leaving hollow at both ends. One end of the structure is smaller named as “Daayan” and next ends is bigger named “Bayan” as compared to another.

The hollow structure formed from the wood is called “Ghar”. The ends of hollow structure is then covered with skin of either goat/ox/monkey/buffalo on both side. It is like a shape of dish, round in structure.

On the top of that round structure dish we see black spot layered, this is known as “Khari”. It is made up of iron fillings, flour and egg which provide it to be black in colour and nice paste to stick to skin for longer period of time.

“Khari” adds weight to the skin and helps in producing additional sound. This also act as sound controller for the drum. Skin plate on both ends are attached with leather rope and round rings tightly on continuous loop around the body of drum.

Why is the additional rope attached to Madal?

An additional rope is added in order for the drum to fit on performer’s body on horizontal position either of waist or on knees making it comfortable to play by both hands. Once preparation is done tuning is made by leather strands and adjustment of round rings up and down on the body of drum.

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