Ethnic Gurung Family (SKU : knot0019)

Ethnic Gurung Family

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Dimension: 15.24 × 10.16 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg
Color: Multi Colors
Materials: Corn Husks, Recycled Woden dust, Natural Colors, Natural Fibers, Crystals

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Gurung are the inhabitants of the central hilly region is an agriculture based community which is known as ‘Brave Grukha’ to the world, dance is the major item of their lives and express them through love songs in gathering called ‘rodi’. The Gurung family is coming back from the day’s work. The mother is carrying her baby in a basket called ‘korkro’ at the back. The father is carrying the firewood in ‘doko’. The son is coming along with the parents.
The body of these dolls is made of recycled wooden products and dresses from corn husk while the box is made out of recycled paper. Artistic use of eco-friendly raw material have polished beauty of this product giving Nepalese touch. Nepal knotcraft centre holds all copyright and patent to this product. Any duplication is liable to legal actions.

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