Nepali Paper (Legal Size) – 12pcs

Nepali Paper (Legal Size) – 12pcs

Product Properties

Dimension: 27.94 × 14.0 cm
Weight: 0.05 kg
Materials: Lokta Paper



Lokta Paper is unique in many ways. It can be preserved for very long period of time. The papers made from Lokta are non-perishable in the water, free from germs and highly resistant to insects like silverfish, paper crawlers etc. Lokta paper is also excellent for wrapping precious stones as its soft fibers do not scratch the stones. These papers are easy to dye in water with colors and are ideal in production without using any machines in entire process. The scraps of these papers are highly potential for easy recycling.

 Note: You can order Lokta Paper on your desired sizes and quantities. 


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