Om Circle Pendent (SKU : 90533)

Om Circle Pendent

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Dimension: 15.24 × 12.7 cm
Weight: 0.02 kg
Materials: White Metal and Brass

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Simply wearing the OM will be a gentle reminder to celebrate your existence, bringing your focus inwards and recharging you. It's a wonderful gift for people of all ages and for those who practice yoga. The Meaning of OM The OM (pronounced 'Aum') is a powerful symbol of meditation, revelation and oneness within the universe. In Hindu mythology, it was the sound that created the universe, and represents the totality of existence. It also symbolizes a number of trinities: the three states of being (Creation/Birth, Preservation/Life, and Destruction/Death), the trinity of God (In Hinduism referred to as Vishnu, Brahman and Shiva), the three realms of existence (Heaven, Earth and the Underworld), and the three stages of consciousness (Conscious/Awake, Subconscious/ Dreaming, and Unconscious/Sleep).


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