Manju Shree Figure

Manju Shree Figure

Product Properties
Shipped to United States

Dimension: N/A
Color: Brown
Materials: Brass, Copper

Price Guide

$120.00 - $1,220.00


Manjusri or Manju Shree is a male bodhisattva associated with transcendent wisdom. The Sanskrit name Manjusri can be translated as "Gentle Glory". The statue here features Manju Shree wielding a sword in his right hand which represents cutting down ignorance and duality. The "meditational deity" as he is also known, wears a crown, necklaces and a robe down the chest. The copper statue weighs 500 gram and makes for a remarkable display in brown in homes and personal offices. It is also perfect to be gifted to followers of Buddhism or those interested in meditation, yoga and other spiritual subjects.


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