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Dimension: 5.08 × 10.16 cm
Weight: 0.4 kg
Color: Golden
Materials: Copper, Gold

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Milarepa lived in Tibet in 11th century. Milarepa is famous for many of his songs and poems, in which he expresses the profundity of his realization of the dharma. This copper and gold metallic Milerapa statue features the ancient Tibetan yogi and poet, sitting upright with open eyes and crossed legs. The golden Milerapa here wears a flowing robe with border carved all over. The statue sits on a metallic pedestal and weighs 400grams. The statue stirs up sensations of renunciation in the onlooker.

This unique Milerapa sculpture is an ideal gift for those learning or interested in poetry, Tibetan culture and other enlightening subjects.

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