Golden White Tara Statue (SKU : 8001)

Golden White Tara Statue

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Dimension: 14.0 × 20.32 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Color: Golden
Materials: Copper, Gold

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White Tara, regarded as the "mother of liberation", was the ancient female bodhisattva. This copper and golden statue features the revered Tibetan Buddhist sitting upright with crossed legs and open eyes. The bodhisattva features serene and pleasant expressions on her face wearing a brown tinged robe. The statue most noticeably includes flowers on both the sides of the bodhisattva. The statue sits on pedestal with traditional designs. The statue measures 8inches in length and weighs 2KG. Known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity the White Tara statue makes for a remarkable display in homes and offices alike.

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