Purna kalchaa

Purna kalchaa

Product Properties
Shipped to United States

Dimension: 39 × 25 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Color: Light Brown

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$ 95.55 $ 95.55


This wood work carries symbols in Buddhism, flowers, serpents and fishes. The flower symbolizes purification of the defilement of the body. Fishes are symbols of fearlessness and bravery, The dharma wheel enables the joy of wholesome deeds and liberation. The auspicious(weave)design symbolizes mutual dependence on religious doctrine. This item is made on karma wood from the specie called Gmelina Arborea. A tree that grows on high altitudes. The timber of this tree has moderate tolerance to decay and is said to resist wood insects like termites. The wood is strong despite its lightweight characteristics. The carving is made by Newaris, an ancient tribe of Nepal.

The two fishes en-carved in it is the symbol of success.

It is wood from specie Gmelina Arborea.


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