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Dimension: 25 × 20 cm
Weight: 0.3 kg
Color: Black - Brown
Materials: Gmelina Arborea

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This fine craftsmanship are made by the famous wood carvers of Bungmati, a native village in central Nepal. Own this conch to awaken one from the deep slumber of ignorance and bring wisdom leading to one’s prosperity.

In Hinduism, Shanka ia a musical instrument used in praying to the gods. It also serves as a trumpet in rituals and ceremonies. It is the shell of  species of large predatory sea snails(Turbinella Pyrum). According to Hindu scriptures, the shankha is a giver of fame, longevity and prosperity, the cleanser of sins and the abode of Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and consort of Vishnu.

Wood from the specie called Gmelina Arborea.

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