Wooden Theki Madani

Wooden Theki Madani

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Dimension: 14 × 17 cm
Weight: 0.442 kg
Materials: Darigitho wood

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$ 22.00 $ 22.00


Cylindrical in shape at the body.It has a narrow neak while the mouth is a spreading fan like structure It is most commonly made up of Darigitho(Nepali:Darigitho) wood,so commonly called as Daar ko Theki in Rural areas of Nepal,Rhododendron(IN Nepali:Guraas) is also used.Theki is locally made by people from wood & is usually used to store Milk fat(Taar),make butter(i,e NAUNE GHYO)out of it,which can later be cooked to make the clarified butter also known as ghee &also make buttered Milk(i.e MOHI), The "Theki" is only a vessel,where as the "Madani" is like a thick stick with turbines at one end.


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